Monday, July 15, 2013

Sharing the truth in LOVE...

Sharing the truth in LOVE...
by Jamie Thompson
My evangelism approach tends to be much more relational. I view the Manti Pageant as a great opportunity to build the relationships we have nurtured throughout our years in Utah. I look for familiar faces of LDS friends and then visit with them on the streets. These conversations are not a one-time opportunity, we have and will continue to have interaction in these people's lives. My goal is to build trust and work towards future opportunities to share truth with these people. Here is one example:

"Stephen" and his wife "Kay" are long time LDS friends. We have had many opportunities over the years to discuss Biblical truth with this couple and many of their children. As a result of this conversation on the pageant streets, they will be coming to our home on Friday to have dinner with us. We were also able to introduce them to Tristan (from CA) who then went to their house and prayed for their son who has a very rare disease. Their son, "Zed" was so touched by this act of kindness that he contacted Tristan by phone to thank him and tell him about an unusual turn of events at his recent doctor's appointment. Evidently the doctor was puzzled by the fact that several blood clots were completely gone with no apparent explanation. Tristan was able to tell "Zed" that they had been praying for him every day and gave God the glory for the good report. Please pray for this LDS family, they have in the past been deeply involved in Mormonism, but are now questioning. We believe God is drawing them to Himself and would not be at all surprised to see them come to Christ in the near future. 

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