Monday, July 15, 2013

A First for me...

By Chip Thompson

had dozens of witnessing opportunities the second week of pageant, but a couple of these dialogues stand out as significant in my mind:

One was with a man and his son - this was another "FIRST" for me - get this, the man was a former Southern Baptist who is now a "fundamentalist Mormon" (fundamentalist means polygamist in

Mormonism). How in the world do you go from Baptist to polygamist Mormonism? This conversation struck me as very sad, but was also encouraging as I was able to challenge him with many truths he had left behind when he turned from Jesus and the true gospel to follow Mormonism.

The other conversation that really stands out was a dialogue that I had with three 14 year old boys from Manti. Our conversation lasted all night long and these youngsters were tough! They had a comeback for every topic. At one point an LDS woman stepped in and asked if I felt bad for picking on 14 year old boys - my response was, "Trust me lady, these three boys can hold their own in any crowd". At first we were getting nowhere but as the night progressed the truths of God's word began to break down their walls and by the end of the night they were all listening and one of the boys was clearly rocked - it was interesting to watch him transform from unbending & deceptive to being soft & honest. Will you please pray for these boys... they live in Manti so the chances are good that we will cross paths again.

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