Monday, July 15, 2013

Come Meet Grace!

Meet Grace
By Grace Stewart

Hello! My name is Grace Stewart. I am 19 years old, and I am from Crawfordsville, Indiana. I am currently attending Anderson University in Indiana where I am studying Music Business and Song Writing. I have a passion for singing and leading worship, and I feel like God is calling me to a life of ministry through music.

My internship here at Tri-Grace is centered around worship, so I have been leading worship for the training sessions in the mornings, as well as leading worship on the streets for the Manti pageant. It has been an incredible experience leading people in worship to our God, especially on the streets. Manti is such a dark place; it's basically Satan's playground. But having 200 Christians come together and sing praises to God, being surrounded by so much darkness, is one of the most powerful and beautiful things I've ever experienced and was so privileged to be apart of. 

One night on the streets, a few people and I were talking with three boys named Paul, Steven, and Phil on the topic of eternal marriage. During the conversation, it was obvious that the false teachings of eternal marriage was getting under Paul's skin, causing him to become very defensive. But as the conversation continued on, he became very quiet & avoided eye contact with us. As we ended the conversation in prayer, tears swelled in Paul's eyes, obviously effected by our conversation. As the conversation ended, he took the eternal marriage track with him! We don't know if he studied the track or threw it out, but we do know that we planted a seed, which is what we're here to do!!

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