Monday, July 15, 2013

Come Meet Mel!!

Meet Mel!

Hey there! My name is Melinda Anderson, aka Mel, and I am an intern for Tri-Grace Ministries. I was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania and moved to Spokane, Washington to attend Moody Bible Institute-Spokane. I graduated in December with my Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and I hope to use that major to assist in doing full time ministry! I will be in Ephraim doing this internship at least until December. One thing I was already able to do during my time here was partake in outreach during the Manti Miracle Pageant. 

This was my first year going to the pageant. I absolutely LOVED it! I loved that we had such freedom to talk to lost people about Jesus Christ. Pageant is probably the only time I will be able to see that sort of opportunity to evangelize to LDS; to have conversation after conversation about Christ is rare. I was able to talk to 10-15 LDS about their faith, who Christ really is and the free gift of grace that He lavishes on us!  

During pageant a young man came to know the LORD (see Kim and Shane's story about Pageant for details). I was able to meet and converse with this young man's little sister who is 13. Not only was I able to share with her the Gospel of Christ, but also got her information and we have been keeping in touch over Facebook. Her mother is LDS and not very happy that I am talking with her, but I am so compelled to get to know her more, pour Christ's love on her and possibly mentor her. I am so thankful that I have had this opportunity to be a witness for Christ through TGM! 

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