Monday, July 15, 2013

Come Meet Fernando!!

Meet Fernando 
by Fernando Gonzalez
Hello my name is Fernando Gonzalez. I am from So-Cal, and my home church is Calvary chapel, Lake Elsinore.  I'm doing a service internship for Tri-grace ministries and I'll be doing my internship for a year long. I have a heart to serve God and his people.

During Manti pageant I had some great conversations, but one conversation that stood out to me was with an atheist named James.  We talked about his past life, he said went to a baptist church because his parents made him go growing up.  During his life he has done drugs and stated that he prayed and he got himself out of trouble during that time. I asked him, who were you praying to? And he said to God... but he made it clear that he had cleaned himself up, without God's help. I told him that God is the one that helped him get clean. After we got done talking I had asked him if I could pray with him and he said no and I shook hands with him and said God bless you and your family.  Please pray for James that God would work in his heart.

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