Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Issues with Snow College

The above article is about our legal issue with Snow College.

If you read the responses of people it is pretty sad. They pretty much
seem to think religion does not belong on a State College Campus.
Maybe some Christians should give their view points.

Here's the real problem. The policies discriminate against all
religious clubs. This discrimination does not affect the LDS Club in
any way because they have huge facilities, huge parking lots, out-door
pavilions all right across the street from the school.

 The policies really affect all the other religious clubs that do not have the
abundant funding of the LDS Church. So in reality the policies make
having a religious club almost impossible making this a one religion

Please continue to pray!


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Chip Thompson of Tri-Grace Ministries explains a display in the Solid Rock Cafe in Ephraim, Utah - a town in central Utah that is nearly 100% LDS (Mormon). Why is this important? "Because the Bible is real." -Chip.

There are no such displays, anywhere, for the Book of Mormon.