Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This is a BIG week for Tri-Grace Ministries...

 This week the 2012/13 Snow College school year begins and we kick-off our Christian club with a flurry of activities. 

With the arrival of the new freshmen we started up the Solid Rock Internet Cafe once again. 

The Cafe is nothing more than a tool to draw students into our ministry house so
that we can build relationships and eventually share the truths of
God's Word with them. 

We also have our first Club social with free smoothies and table games again with the intent of building new relationships. Then comes "Club Rush" which is an opportunity to promote our Christian Club on campus and advertise our events and Bible studies. Followed by our annual Solid Rock Retreat to Wyoming.

Any students that we are able to connect with are invited to join us
for this retreat.

 Yes, there is spiritual opposition in all things--we can almost schedule an internet or computer glitch with the beginning of the new school year. And, once again, the Prince and Power of
Cyberspace has attacked again.


It is crucial that we connect with the handful of Christian students that attend Snow
College each year and introduce them to the community of Christians in

Snow College is ruled by Mormons and it can be a lonely and dangerous place for an isolated Christian.

 Again PRAY FOR US that God would draw those who are Christians into our ministry so that we can once again have a strong presence on campus.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Amazing Testimony!!

Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker at the
Ephraim Church of the Bible sharing his testimony at the Manti Pageant Outreach