Monday, July 15, 2013

Come Meet Brett!!

Meet Brett

by Brett Gray
My name is Brett Gray, and I am a summer intern with Tri-grace ministries for the first time.  I am from Spokane, WA where I am attending Moody Bible Institute hoping to obtain a degree in Biblical Languages.  I hope to some day serve the body of Christ through 
Pastoral ministry.

This summer was the first time ever attending the Manti Pageant.  It was thoroughly a joy to be there witnessing and encouraging fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord.  We started every night singing songs of worship to Jesus the King and praying for the hearts of the Mormon people that they would turn to Christ as their Lord.

I had many conversations with people, but one stood out to me as I talked to young about several topics from polygamy to the priesthood to eternal marriage.  By the end of the conversation, he (John) did not know what to say when we started getting into the LDS view of the priesthood and eternal marriage.  Please be praying that God would turn his heart towards Jesus that he would have a biblical understanding of Christianity.

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